Thursday, May 29, 2008

. . . And Life Goes On

Yesterday we had a big memorial service for Kelly. It was actually more like a huge party celebrating his life. I think the auditorium at church seats around 500 people and it was nearly full. I'm sure for every person that was there, there was at least one somewhere else that couldn't make it. That's the kind of guy Kelly was, everyone that met him loved him. There were line guys that fueled his airplanes in Helena and Missoula there. Pilots that have long since moved on and away were there. Air traffic controllers were there. Kelly's childhood Sunday school teachers were there. I don't know that we'll ever know a person again that was so well loved by so many people from every walk of life, Kelly was one of a kind.

Somehow I managed to make it through a pretty decent eulogy for my friend. A couple of people told me afterward that I should consider a second career as a pastor. I'm also pleased to report that the Gospel was presented very clearly at the service. And I know of at least one of Kelly's barbershop buddies that has been saved as a result of all this. So God is using this for good. Please continue to pray over the situation and for all of us that have been touched by it. Please pray that God will give those of us that believe, the courage to boldly speak of the hope that we have. And just pray for us in general, now that the funeral is over the shock has worn off and we are really starting to feel this. Also I need to get back in the air and there really isn't any thing I would rather do less right now, but I need to do it so pray about that. Thanks.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Death Sucks!

Early this morning our good friend Kelly was killed when the plane he was flying crashed shortly after takeoff. It's only been fourteen hours since my phone rang around 2 a.m. with the news that his plane was down, but it feels like weeks ago. . . actually, none of this seems real. I keep expecting to wake up. But it's hard to wake up when you can't even sleep. This hits especially close to home since I talked to him an hour before he took off. Kelly was flying an airplane I routinely fly on a route I had flown the night before in weather that was just as bad as it was when I flew. The plane was old but not that old, the load was heavy but not that heavy and the weather was bad but not that bad. It just makes you ask why. I'm not sure we will ever know. The pieces of the airplane that weren't shattered by the impact were burned by the post crash fire and that will leave little for the investigators to go on. I guess we can take comfort in the big "why" of God's sovereignty. For we know that God does all things for a reason and that His reasons are good. Somewhere, somehow, in someone's life, this whole nasty mess will work itself out to accomplish God's good plan. In the meantime, those of us that knew Kelly can consider ourselves truly blessed to have walked with him on this earth and we look forward to being reunited with him in eternity. I'm so glad he knew the Lord! Shooting guns, hunting, hiking, camping, and blowing stuff up at the Fourth of July will never be quite the same without him. But as Kelly would say "improvise, adapt, overcome." That may take a while my friend. See you on the other side.

P.S. please pray for Kelly's family and especially his son Ryan and daughter Ashley. Thanks

Below are a few pictures of our friend

Thursday, May 22, 2008


One of our favorite things to do for dessert on date night is eat gelato at Paciugo's. So I recently decided that it would be fun to try making gelato at home :) The first attempt was somewhat of a failure, a little to sweet and not the right consistency at all... although, I learned all sorts of fun things about making my own vanilla extract (perhaps more to come on a future post). Tonight I tried again and it came out perfect!!! I made the Caffe Latte Gelato (surprise surprise I chose a coffee flavor ;)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Times in Red Lodge

We had some good time away from Billings yesterday! Red Lodge is a small touristy town about an hour drive from us that we enjoy escaping to when we feel the need to get away. If you come visit us then you can almost be guaranteed a trip there :) We decided to see the Red Lodge that we always want to see but never take the time. Our first stop was a photo gallery just before we reach town, we have seen it for over a year now and always plan to stop on our way back out of town... of course that never happens because by the time we leave we are either too tired or too late and the place is closed. It was really a fun little gallery! Lots of beautiful mountain and wildlife photography but also some great stuff from the desert and some really creative stuff of flowers (we got you a bluebird picture Leigh :). It makes us want to spend way more than we ever will on some fun new equipment! We wandered around town a bit, looked in our favorite furniture store, stopped at the outdoor supply store and had some coffee... a really relaxing afternoon. We want to go camping some time soon so we drove up to a great camp site to see if it was open yet but it needs a couple more weeks (there is still snow everywhere!!), but soon hopefully. Neither one of us had to be back for work last night (rarely happens) so we were able to eat dinner and then just sit outside and enjoy the weather for a while before driving back, it was a nice day :)

Sorry, no pics to post... we kind of forgot to take them

Monday, May 5, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008


We are in Boise!!!!

Tuesday was a very long day. Work from 5 a.m. until 1 p.m., hair appointment at the salon (not a long part of the day getting pampered for a bit :), and then leaving Billings at 5 p.m. to drive until 3:30 a.m. It was all worth it though, we are having a great time. Jeff's brother Tim graduated on Wednesday night with his bachelor's and master's in architecture, WOOHOO!! Last night we cooked one of our favorite meals for everyone: grilled tuna steaks rubbed with blend of wasabi and other spices, edamame, sushi rice salad, a green salad (an ode to Tyne and the famous salads we used to make) and home made strawberry/blueberry shortcake for dessert! mmmmmmm!! We took a risk making an unusual meal but it was a hit :)  Tonight some of Jeff's closest friends, including one of his best friends who I have not met, will come over for dinner. There are a lot of kids coming too so we will keep dinner a little simpler, burgers on the grill.

This afternoon Jeff is heading to a job interview here in Boise. It is exciting because it is a company that is based here, but unfortunately the only position we know is available is in Driggs (a very small town at the base of the Tetons). We are praying that this will open some doors for Jeff here but know that Driggs is not the place for us. If you read this blog today before 2 p.m. we would covet your prayers for Jeff as he goes through the interview process... always a difficult thing to do.

Hopefully we will have some fun pics from our trip to post soon. That's all for now!