Thursday, July 28, 2011

four years with my best friend

It has been awhile since I have blogged, my sweet husband has been keeping up with it lately. That said, this post is out of order but it was something important enough to me that I still wanted it recorded here.

On May 27th Jeff and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. My Mom was in town to help us because Si was brand new so we were able to go on a date. One of our favorite indulgences that we do not get often anymore is sushi so we seized the opportunity and tried out a new place. One of the things that we enjoy most about each other is that we are both willing to be adventurous and try new things together which resulted in the one negative experience of the evening, sea urchin. Jeff put it well when he said it was like licking an ocean rock... not the best after taste either. Overall it was a great time, we talked, laughed, ate good food and just enjoyed each other... something that we have to seek out with purpose since 2 blessings have entered our lives. Jeff, you are my best friend and I am incredibly blessed to be your wife. Looking forward to many more years :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Recently we went camping to see how it would go. We kept it short (24 hours) just in case things (kids) got crazy. Overall it went well. We forgot many things and in so doing learned a very valuable lesson, never ever under any circumstances forget to bring the dog bed. In spite of his appearance Ruger (the big dog) is a weenie. He loves nothing more than comfort and the tent floor just wasn't up to his standards. Thus, he spent most of the night pacing and begging to get out of the tent. This of course kept us up and Maddie too. Maddie in turn had a bit of a short fuse the next day, for some reason she didn't take it out on Ruger though. We did manage to get in a hike to a wonderful waterfall and we escaped the 100 degree heat in Billings. Maddie also discovered the wonderful world of dirt. We will go again, but we won't forget the dog bed. More posts to follow about our summer adventures. Here are some pics.