Saturday, May 15, 2010

we're still waiting for the computer to get fixed so here's a couple videos to tide you over. these were also taken on the phone pretty cool huh.

Maddie and her frog.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

I apologize for the lengthy delay in updating our blog . it would seem that our mac needs a new logic board in addition to the superdrive. so here I sit updating the blog on my new smartphone, i'm actually speaking and not typing how cool is that ?! things are going well for us, in fact we really don't have much to report . madeline went to the doctor saturday because we thought she might have an ear infection, it turns out she was fine, just teething. she is now just shy of 15 pounds which means she has quadrupled in weight. she is also quite the little chatter box ,she has a lot to say to everyone especially the dogs and cat. she is still not crawling although she is getting very close.

the last gasp winter is now upon us, snowing off and on all's been very windy for the last week so much so we don't want to go outside. needless to say we are very ready for summer and some outdoor recreation. unfortunately, we have a record low temperature to set tonight before the weather turns nice. we hope this update finds you well , we'll post more when we have our computer back, i have to say though the droid incredible is really cool! ( sorry about punctuation and capitalization i guess technology isn't quite that far along yet)