Sunday, September 11, 2011

Madeline is 2

Friday was our sweet Maddie Mae's birthday. We celebrated slowly throughout the day, homemade pizzas, playtime outside, the big gift reveal and then cupcakes. It was pretty low key but we did our best to make her feel special. It is very interesting to tell a 2 year old happy birthday and have her stare back at you with the exact same huge smile that you always get, a little question mark in her eyes about why I am so excited. We bought her a toy kitchen with a few accessories and it was a hit! There have been very few moments since we gave it to her that she has not been cooking, making coffee or doing dishes. It is in our kitchen and throughout the last day and a half she has grabbed our hands saying "see it?!" and led us to her kitchen, handing us something to stir or try... so much fun!! We have been blessed with a joyful, inquisitive, affectionate, precious little girl and we had a great day celebrating her birthday.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Madeline's 1st Haircut

My sweet baby girl will be turning 2 on Friday. (pausing to let that sink in... I know it must be as crazy to you as it is to me) I have been somewhat tormented by what I should be doing with her hair these days, not that I am trying to be dramatic, it has just been an issue lately. The mullet has been bouncing back and forth from really cute when her curls are fresh from her bath to a stringy mess halfway through the day that looks like I do not care about her. The attempted solution was pigtails, super cute! But alas, she would inevitably pull them out giving her a version of "big Texas hair" that was just not right. So, this morning I took her to Molly, the stylist that has been doing my hair for the last 4 years. Someone that I felt I could trust to keep as many of those curls as possible while getting rid of the stringy issue. I have to say it was a success! Maddie was nervous and unsure about getting in that chair at first but by the end she was smiling and making everyone around her smile. Molly trimmed it up without chopping off all of her curls, it is no longer in her eyes and the stringyness is gone. Perfect :) Now I wonder why exactly I was so nervous and teary about it... got to love hormones.