Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celebrate with us!

Sorry to have been absent for so long but we return with a joyful announcement, we are pregnant again! I am almost 11 weeks along, due on June 12th. Our first appointment was yesterday and I just couldn't make myself tell the world about this pregnancy until hearing that heart beat, what a blessing that the nurse was able to find it this early. Our first appointment was just with the nurse and our second one will be on my birthday with the doctor. It is not standard procedure at our OBGYN's office to do a sonogram unless they believe there is a reason for it until 22 weeks but I may have to ask for a birthday gift and see what they say.

We have been dealing with lots of colds and lots of nausea around here lately so I am not sure you really want to hear about everything that has been going on, I'll just stick to the fun stuff. My former employer has allowed me to come in and do some work on the Christmas retail lately so I have been going in for about 10 hours a week, nothing terribly substantial but Jeff and I are grateful. This has spurred us on to evaluate our schedule and see if I could go back a little more regularly. We are attempting to see if I can work 15 to 20 hours a week but we are headed into Jeff's busiest time of year and hope that we made the decision at the right time. We would really like to get ahead before baby #2 arrives so please pray that this works out.

Jeff was able to go hunting yesterday and brought home a buck! Woohoo!! Venison for the winter :)

Below I am posting a picture that Jeff used to tell his family about baby #2 and picture of Jeff and his buck. Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving week, we should have a huge post about our TX trip in the next couple of weeks.


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