Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I have recently been seeing some pretty wonderful posts from family and friends getting great photos of their children in pumpkin patches and it inspired me to find one we could take Madeline. What I found is that the "patches" in Texas are set up for wonderful pictures and around here they are actual pumpkin patches in the dirt. While it was a different experience than I was looking for I still think we ended up with some fun pictures and we had a great time! It will be even more fun next year when Madeline can participate in the games and a hayride. Here are the pics!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally Maddie and Daddy pics

This weekend we were ambitious enough to think we might make it to the mountains for a fall drive and photo safari... did not happen. What did happen is going to the park and taking some fall pictures of Madeline and Jeff together. This photo shoot was suppose to happen on Father's Day but just kept getting postponed due to inclement weather. Really it ended up being worth the wait, the fall leaves and beautiful weather this weekend made for some great photos. I did have a bit of a moment... I had an outfit all picked out for Maddie to wear, it was super cute laying on the bed. I put it on her Saturday and immediately started asking Jeff "Are you sure you like it?", but what I really meant was that I really did not end up liking it. We did the shoot anyway and when we came home, downloaded and started editing I just could not handle my decision. Jeff was kind enough to entertain my neurosis and we did another shoot on Sunday... I was much happier with the result :) We ended up with great pictures both days so here are some of both, hope you enjoy!

Day 1 shoot (not my favorite outfit)

Day 2 shoot:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

One less tooth and a fantastic husband

I have not blogged in a while, the following consumed my entire week so I apologize now for using an entire blog for this experience. It was this or nothing... not really sure if I want to know that you would have preferred the nothing.

When I was living in College Station and about to move to Billings I went to the dentist one last time to take advantage of my insurance before I went without for a while. On this last visit x rays were taken and a wisdom tooth was discovered... just one, the other three decided not to show up, which is more of a blessing than I knew at the time. I was advised to have it removed at that time but I was in love and on a tight schedule to get to the same city as the man that I loved. So, this advice was ignored. Fast-forward to being 17 weeks pregnant with Maddie Mae. When you are pregnant your immune system is not as strong, my one wisdom tooth became infected and was throbbing in constant pain but for the sake of my precious girl surgery was not an option at that time either (the things I do for love :). Fast forward to last week, the tooth flared up once again. A reminder that removal is not really an option but more of a necessity. Monday was the fateful day. I was under with iv sedation and upon coming out of it all I really remember is telling Jeff about the free blue tie-dyed t-shirt they gave me for having a wisdom tooth removed, apparently I chose it from about 10 colors offered :) The rest of that day I was pretty sore and my fabulous husband took care of Madeline and made me instant mashed potatoes. The next morning I woke up feeling pretty good so Madeline and I went to MOPS. Wednesday and Thursday hit and so did the torture. I do not believe that I am even using hyperbole when I say torture, it was horrific! Jeff was not flying either day (thank God) and even took Thursday night off work to help me out. I am afraid that I was not at my most gracious but he graciously served me through it all. On Friday morning relief came in the form of a nurse packing my tooth, I had a dry socket. Until this week dry socket was a meaningless phrase that I have seen people cringe at... I now understand and am willing and ready to cringe with you in the future. I am hoping that this is the end of my wisdom tooth saga, that the packing will dissolve and my socket will heal and you will never have to hear me blog about my teeth again.... let's just all hope and pray for that together :)