Monday, June 9, 2008

Today summer has finally begun...

We have had some trouble living in Montana... socially it has been a bit difficult for us to find fellowship, there is not a whole lot to do in Billings, winters last a loooong time AND THEN there is redemption in summer :) During the summer we get to hike, camp, bike and enjoy God's amazing creativity!!! Today we had the opportunity to start that process by hiking 3 miles up to Sioux Charlie Lake. While typing this I am feeling every sore muscle and the skin on the back of my heels is completely worn off... but I wouldn't change today for anything. Below are the pics from our day, we would love to take any of you on our next hike ;) Click this for more pics

Sunday, June 1, 2008

One Year

On Tuesday May 27th we celebrated our 1st anniversary :)

This last year has really flown by... it has been such a joy to have Jeff as a husband!! God was so very generous in giving me an understanding, generous, kind, funny man to share life with. It has been a good year. The timing of our celebration came in the midst of a time of grieving but it was still a wonderful day. Jeff gave me a necklace that he had bought while we were on our honeymoon, he had seen me point at it and then snuck away to get it, hid it for a full year and then gave it to me on Tuesday... he is so thoughtful, I was blown away! The first gift that I gave Jeff was a watch that had an altimeter and some other fun features but it turned out to not be very high quality (not for the active life that Jeff leads :) so for our anniversary he got a new watch fully loaded with an altimeter, compass, barometer, weather trend... and some other fun stuff. After gifts we went to dinner at a restaurant called The Granary, they have the BEST steaks we have ever eaten. Dinner was wonderful and we had a great night just being alone together, we had been around people constantly for about 4 days.

Here are some pictures of that night:

I am wearing my new necklace

Jeff is wearing his new watch

Our favorite jewelry is still

And, the official first anniversary pic