Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sushi at home

Eating sushi for Jeff's birthday has made me crave sushi all week long. So I decided it was time to try making it myself :) A good friend of ours gave Jeff a sushi making kit that we have never used for his birthday a couple of years ago so we already had all the equipment. I did not want to hunt down the good raw stuff just in case it did not work out so I ended up making California and Philadelphia rolls. Turned out well for my first time, next time I will attempt to use less rice and more filling. I will say that it was not that difficult, I expected it to be much more complicated. I made 5 rolls and we are stuffed! Jeff took some fun pictures so that we could share our first at home sushi experience with you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grissom's visit (and a Wynkoop too!)

Last friday Jeff's parents and his sister Debbie arrived for a visit. We played it pretty low key for the most part while they were here, fortunately they seemed to be as entertained by Maddie Mae as we are :) They took us out for dinner Saturday night for Jeff's birthday and he chose Sweet Ginger. It is amazing how often we ate sushi when we had two jobs and tip money to burn, it seemed like it had been so very long and it was delicious! I think I might try to make some vegetable rolls just so that we can get a small taste of that flavor occasionally here at home. Sunday was church in the morning (love Galations, great series!) and dinner off the grill on our back patio that night. Our visiting family was not interested in going to see fireworks so they blessed us by babysitting so that we could. We went up to the hangar where Jeff's offices are and were the only ones there, it was so nice to have the view to ourselves. Next year we plan to bring a bigger lens so that we can get some better pictures, we are not even proud enough of the ones we took to show them to you. We had a wonderful time getting out of the house alone and so appreciate the opportunity! Monday we went to Red Lodge, there were a few more tourists than we wanted to see but we still had fun wondering in and out of little shops and art galleries. There is a furniture shop that we just love to look through and every time we go we see a beautiful wooden musical drum/xylophone that we wish we could get for Jeff's dad, it was fun to see him play it and hopefully we can get him something like it some day. Tuesday we all went out for breakfast before sending them off back to Boise. I really enjoy the opportunity to get to know my in-laws better and this was a wonderful visit, thanks so much for driving all the way here! We look forward to seeing you soon when we go to Boise at the beginning of August.

Here are some of the pics from the weekend, enjoy!

I Could Crawl But I Don't Want To

Grandpa I'm Going to Need Your Glasses

Grandma Tells Great Stories

Aunt Debbie is Fun

Grandpa is Funny

Maddie and the Moose

The Center of Attention

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mothers Day

Hopefully I will be able to remember everything I was going to blog about while our computer was gone over the next few days.

To begin, I was really wishing that we had our computer on Mother's Day this year. I have such a wonderful husband who makes me feel special every day but he worked especially hard that day. First thing in the morning I was given an emersion blender (happy sigh), I just love that my husband feeds my culinary addiction. I proceeded to cook down some strawberries, blueberries and peaches with some sugar just so that I could puree it in the pan and pour it over buttermilk pancakes. We went to church and then that afternoon Jeff took some fun pictures of us at the park. I really hope that we make it a tradition, it was a beautiful day. We meant to take some pictures on Father's Day as well but, as you saw on Jeff's vidoes, we had a tornado in town that day. Overall I just felt incredibly blessed to be Madeline Mae's mom and am so enjoying this precious little gift that God has placed in our care.

Thursday, July 1, 2010