Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We just returned from a short trip to Boise over the weekend. We've been trying to get down there since November but jobs, plumbing and weather have conspired to keep us in Montana. We finally made it and finally got to meet our new niece Michala. What a CUTE little girl!!! She is a happy baby and smiles at just about everything. We even got her to laugh a few times which is apparently a new thing in the last few days. We both really enjoyed getting our baby fix.

On Friday night we had April, Jeremy and Jenness and their kids over for Jeff's famous hellfire elk fajitas and had a good time getting caught up. Saturday was spent eating and shopping. We found a copper pot rack at a kitchen store that was going out of business for 60% off. Good for us bad for them. We have our eye on an old house that is for sale and it will go perfectly in the kitchen there. On Sunday we went to Boise First Baptist church and saw old friends there too. Sunday afternoon was spent at mom and dad's with family. My sister Connie flew in to town for the weekend and we all had a good time playing games and getting caught up.

Otis and Moose accompanied us and had quite a good time. Moose wasn't too sure about car travel at first, but by Bozeman he had settled down and slept for the rest of the drive. Everyone really seamed to like our animals and the animals enjoyed all the extra attention. All in all it was way too short but we had a great time. Here are some Pics and a video.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's that time of year when all we long for is green grass, leaves on the trees and sunny warmth cascading down from the blue skies. We've had a taste of Spring as it's been it the 50's and 60's all week . . . until today. Today Winter returned bringing with it wind and snow and cold. Fortunately it will be short lived as Spring fights back tomorrow. The battle of the seasons usually continues well into April up here at which time winter will finally retreat after dumping a foot or two of slushy wet snow. Then Montana becomes paradise. Snow capped granite spires protrude into the blue sky shedding their icy garments with each passing day. Rivers and streams boil and froth with snowmelt as they carry Winter's life giving moisture from the high country to the plains. Carpets of yellow, red, and purple wild flowers burst out of the ground and nestle up against it all. Birds, deer, elk, bears and creatures of every type come out and almost seem to smile because Winter is over. If you've never been up here in the Spring to see it for yourself your life is just not complete! I truly feel sorry for those among us that live out their lives in the drab grey snarl of buildings, freeways, strip malls and cookie cutter subdivisions too busy with "life" to answer the call of the wilderness. It's in the midst of creation where we really come to life. . . at least I do and I can't wait to get back up there!