Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jaco and Bianca's Wedding

We have been traveling once again. We left on July 18th for Silver City, New Mexico to attend our good friend Bianca's wedding. It was so much fun to meet Jaco and to participate in their wedding. Here are a couple of the pics.

I will blog about the rest of our trip some time this week... no more big trips for a while so hopefully we will be back on our consistent blogging schedule :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jeff's favorite holiday

The Fourth of July is Jeff's favorite holiday :) He just loves to set things on fire and blow things up! This year it was Jeff and the kids out there, a place where we felt the loss of our friend because in the past it was Kelly, Jeff and the kids out there blowing things up. We spent it with Kelly's sister Terry and her family which is always a good time :) My favorite part of the holiday is playing with my camera so here are some of my favorite shots.

Crazy Pilot - Plane race

Thought this was kind of funny

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The 10 Day Tour of Texas

It has been a while since we have posted, sorry, time just gets away from you when you are preparing to be away for 10 days. In those 10 days I stayed in 7 places beginning and ending my journey in Austin. Texas is home, although my trip began without my sweet husband and home is really wherever he is, but it still felt familiar and Montana just hasn't reached that place yet.

My first stop was Dallas where I was able to spend time with my brothers and their families (we missed you Emily) and then with one of my best and oldest (as in time not in age) friends, Jennifer and her husband Eric. I left Dallas for Longview where there was some quality time spent with my Mom, Uncle Thomas and Aunt Nancy and my cousin Leigh. Next was visiting College Station and getting to see many dear friends, have a little midnight adventure (like the old times) and watch SYTYCD :) Then it was back through Austin to pick up my sweet husband Jeff and head off to San Antonio where we had our first marathon date. I had booked a room at "the" Hyatt on the riverwalk that morning so when we arrived we parked in the parking garage, unloaded all our luggage and went in to check in... no reservation... oops we are at the other Hyatt. So we load up the car, get our parking validated and head out to the other Hyatt, park in the parking garage, unload all our luggage and went in to check in... no reservation... "are you kidding me.... are there 3 Hyatts on the riverwalk?" Yes, yes there are. We load up, once again get our parking validated and head out to find yet another hotel on the oneway unfamiliar streets of downtown San Antonio. Fortunately this was the correct hotel and we were finally able to get settled in, our vacation just had a little scavenger hunt thrown in, good times. We had blast at the riverwalk, the next day we went to a museum which had built several of DaVinci's machines. We spent the afternoon in historic Gruene, TX, ate dinner at the Gristmill and then headed out the friendunion (or reunion of friends) in Stonewall just outside of Fredericksburg (the original reason for the TX tour). Friends, Bocce ball, Scummy and food from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon... so much fun! We went to Austin that night and were able to eat dinner one more time with Gabe and Whitney, one of the couples at the friendunion and flew back home the next day.

Here are the pics, I made a few albums because there are a lot... hope you enjoy them :)

Before Jeff Arrived

Us in San Antionio/Gruene

Stonewall Freindunion 2008

We have a tendency to go a little bit photo crazy, just be glad that we only had one of our cameras with us ;)