Friday, August 29, 2008

The Big Hike

We titled this The Big Hike but the word that Jeff has used most to describe it is HUGE! 26 miles through several different kinds of terrain and some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen. All of us were in considerable pain by the time we reached mile 26 and if we never see another power bar or dehydrated meal again we will be just fine. All of us ended up with at least a blister but the prize for the worst blister goes to LeeAnn and the prize for the most blisters goes to Ryan. The burger that we ate at The Dewdrop Inn when we finished the hike is one of the best meals that we have ever had. Here is a link to all of our pictures (as you know we tend to take a lot but there are some great ones so they are worth going through). Who's coming with us next year?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meet Gus

Along with all the other changes going on in our lives we have added one more furry friend to the family. Gus is a 1 year old Weimaraner and, while being a bit of a handful, is a very very sweet dog who already seems to have found his best friend in Jeff. We took him with us on our 26 mile hike (the next thing we will blog about) this weekend and he did so good :) Moose was incredibly traumatized at first but seems to be warming up a little bit now.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

LeeAnn's New Truck

I gave LeeAnn a hug the other day after she drove home from work in her '98 Escort. She was so hot it felt like she just stepped out of the oven. Then the other night she was going to bring me some dinner at work but her car wouldn't start (a reoccurring problem). So I started thinking that we ought to do something about her transportation situation. Friday I hopped on a flight to Missoula and brought back a Toyota RAV4 for her. It's four wheel drive and has the 268 HP V6 (more than my truck, that makes me a little sad) and it gets the same mileage as the V6 Camry. Plus it has lots of room for our future kids and we can take it camping in places that a car just can't go. It will be great in the snow which the escort certainly was not! Best of all LeeAnn gets a cute little grin on her face when she floors it and the little V6 throws us back in the seats. Come on up we'll take it camping.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Meet our new little Moose

Here is our new little kitten Moose. He is 14 weeks old, solid black with these green eyes that have just a little bit of blue around the pupils. We are having a little trouble getting a decent picture of him but here are the best we have gotten so far.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ugh and WooHoo!

Well it's official, we gave notice on our apartment today and will be moving into a house where we can have a dog and a cat. We would like to get a puppy but since the landlord wants the pets to be house trained, I think we will have to get a used dog. We had a dog all picked out in Missoula, but we called a day too late and she already has a new family. I was going to fly her home on the airplane too. Speaking of which. . . they make these things called mutt muffs which are ear muffs for your dog so she doesn't loose her hearing while flying with you. I've wanted a dog to go flying with ever since I saw a guy that was flying a check run flying with his dog. He would tell the dog to take the checks to the airplane and the dog would take the bag of checks and load them on the airplane for him. How cool is that?! You see all kinds of cool stuff flying in the middle of the night. Anyway, back to the house, it's a two bedroom so ya'll can come up and stay with us (hurry summer is almost over). The actual living area is kind of small but I think it will be fine. There is an unfinished basement where we will finally have enough room to store all of our crap. I think this winter I might accidentally throw up some studs and drywall and finish the basement for them. . . what are they going to do evict us? Leave it better than you found it right? So all in all we are excited, no more noisy doods downstairs, no more carrying groceries up three flights of stairs, the rent is cheaper and we get to have pets! The only down side is moving which is the worst thing in the world in my opinion. I think in hell, people are forced to move for eternity, at least that sounds like the worst thing possible to me. Too bad we can't get the company to pay for our moving expenses I would hire movers in a heartbeat! Oh yeah, we will be two blocks away from a really cool park and we will both be closer to work too. Does anyone know of a great dane than needs a new family? That would be a dog that could load a lot of mail on my airplane!!